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Company Profile
China Harvest International Ltd. is an international trading company incorporated in Beijing, with its establishment approved by Beijing Administration of Industry & Commerce and having its integrated professional activities in import and export, as good as domestic sales of various commodity goods and related technical supporting services.
"Humanity as base, Reputation as life" is the business principal that we uphold.
Since our founding, we have been engaging in the sales and development of various commodity goods such as minerals, petroleum and wood etc. We are keen on participating in the investment and management of oil and petroleum both domestically and internationally.  We are also devoted in the sales and development of environmental friendly products.  Recently, we are authorized to be the exclusive dealer (China) of COMPRI, a leading Australian brand name for a series of pipe cleaning products.
Up to now, we are enthusiastic in environmental projects and products.  Since 1998, we have been participating in developing strengthened woods.  The result is very promising and has been recognized by the Australian inspection authorities.
In view of the rapid development of global economy and the keen competition of commodity market, our company adopt an accountability system.  Under the leadership and arrangement of a managing director, everybody is assigned with designated task and position so that everybody is specialized in developing his/her market domain and commodity produce, and thus achieving flexible utilization of capital and synchronizing trade with capital run.
We strictly uphold the principal of “Reputation is the first”. We operate in a flexible and efficient way.  With the reliable and extensive domestic and international resources and trading channel, with the sales network in various regions in China, and with our long term oversea connection and stable relationship, we believe the goal of mutual benefit and mutual prosperous will be achieved.
  TEL: 86.10.59799688
FAX: 86.10.58043629
EMAIL: info@www.dcfans.com.cn
  Rm A 1502, Genertime International Centre, Jia No.3 Yong An Dong Li, Beijing, China.  
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